lundi 8 octobre 2012

A trip into the past new diva soundbank

hello, I present to you the soundbank for diva "A trip into the past" consisting of 64 presets:

- 9 bass
- 6 fx and 4 leadFX
- 19 Lead
- 8 pad
- 18 Poly

Sorry for my english, i'm french :).

The goal that I set myself was to imitate  vintage dance and alive sound . So, there is a bit of everything: of course vintage sound, some little dissonant and energetic, dance sounds, trance lead, minimalist, real sounds (Imitate guitar, organ, trumpet). With this soundbank, I think you can make a lot of musical styles, including dance, trance, electro rock, vintage music. All sounds were created in fast mode.

Here are some demos to give you an idea. (All sound are from diva soundbank except drums).
This 3 song are different, and present various music styles .

and here are 10 presets for free Download free presets here .

Buy NowThe soundbank is sold 6 euros (so 7,7$.) and is accompanied by a pdf for details.